Then There Was That Time I Decided to Be A Crossfitter

So I had found an athletic activity I enjoyed, and I knew I wanted to get better at it, and I knew I was incredibly out of shape, and I knew I didn’t like exercising enough to have the discipline to exercise at home without any accountability, so I knew I had to find some sort of group, trainer, or drill sergeant to get my butt in gear.  I hoped it wouldn’t actually have to be the latter.

There’s a local moms Facebook page where I live, so I posted asking if anyone knew any trainers that would be willing to work with me on training for OCR and helping with nutrition.  I knew I needed help in nutrition also because my current diet consisted of peanut butter and jelly, dinosaur chicken nuggets (I’m still unsure which part of the chicken happens to be shaped like a dinosaur), and macaroni and cheese.  Basically the diet of a picky 3 year old.

I got several good suggestions, but one thing that kept popping up was this ‘New You Challenge’ put on at a local Crossfit place.  I knew very little about Crossfit, other than it scared me, and you lift a lot of weights.  But I had several acquaintances that did Crossfit at this same place and really liked it.  The jist was that it’s a 6 week challenge, you go for the workout 3 times a week, and you stay on a paleo diet.  They do all sorts of body measurements before and after.  Easy peasy, right?

I had to go up to the gym to talk to them before I could sign up, and man were these people intimidating.  Super nice, but I felt like Courtney could break me with her little finger.  I asked for a quick explanation about what Crossfit was, and Glen gave me this very effective speech about building strong humans.  I’ll spare you all the details, but it pumped me up and I signed on the dotted line!

My goals for this endeaver were not very quantifiable.  Losing a few pounds would be great, but I basically wanted to get stronger and feel healthier.  I had been feeling very sluggish and gross.  And of course I wanted to build upper body strength for the OCR’s.  Oh, and I wanted to be able to do a pull-up by the end.  And not die.  Or get injured.

So that’s how I became a crossfitter.  Sort of.  I’m not quite sure what makes you an actual ‘crossfitter’, if that’s even the term, but I do a Crossfit workout 3 times a week.  I’ve learned all kinds of new lingo: the box, wod, emom, chipper, amrap.  And I learned what a burpee is!  And I hate them!  Burke says, ‘Remember, burpees hate you too’.  Oh, and ‘The box eats shins for breakfast’.  That’s a pleasant one, too.


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