Week 1 of ‘The Challenge’

So the Saturday before the official start of the challenge, I went up to the box (I feel really silly calling it ‘the box’, but that’s what it’s called, right?) to get on the little machine that was going to tell me how fat I was, and how out of shape I am.  I’m still really confused on how a machine can tell all that through the soles of the my feet, but for what it’s worth, these were my ‘pre’ results.


I’ve always been an overachiever, but the only thing I was above average on on here was my fat content.  Not exactly what I was going for.  My measurements were: neck 12.25″, waist 32.75″, hips 37.75″ (hey, I’ve had 4 babies!), upper arm 11.25″, thigh 20.5″, and calf 13.5″.  Not quite Sir Mix-a-lot worthy, but hey, I’m taller than 5’3″.

And of course, what’s a challenge without some before and after pictures.  In an attempt to spare the internet from too much skin exposure, I’ll just share my upper body pictures, since really my upper body and core strength is what I was most focused on.  And nobody, other than my sweet husband, wants to see my core.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Watch out, you might get cut!  Tickets to the gun show right here!  No?  Sigh, I know.  But there’s no where to go but stronger, right?  And I forget to get the back (can’t forget the back!), so the next morning we got this little piece of work.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

This side isn’t much better.  But if you squint, you may be able to make out a shadow of a muscle on that left side.  That’s the side I carry my kiddos on.

So after that, we jumped in.  I learned what a burpee and wod was on that first day.  I learned how very weak and out of shape I was, and I learned that perhaps I was in over my head.  Our first wod was something probably very laughable to seasoned Crossfitters.  I don’t remember now what it was, but it was an amrap with burpees, box step-ups and something else.  We’ll repeat it again on the last day to compare.

I also jumped all in to the paleo meal plan.  This was really hard for me because I’m a very picky eater I have a very specific palate.  I can list the veggies I like on one hand.  And I sort of live on bread and cheese.  But I was committed, and they had the meals and grocery list all laid out for us.  It still took us 3 HOURS WITH 4 KIDS at the grocery store to get the whole list.  There was a lot of crap healthy food on there that I had never heard of before, let alone bought.  At one point we had to just get what we had in the basket, and I had to go back later with just one kid to finish the list.  And it blew our grocery budget out of the water.  Why does healthy food have to be so expensive??!!  We spent about 3 weeks worth of grocery money on that first week.  Granted, there were several things we bought that would last a few weeks, and the rest of the weeks haven’t been that expensive, but man, it was a rude awakening.

IMG_6880I’ve never bought so much veg and meat all at one time.

I expected to really have a hard time with it.  Before this point, I was drinking A LOT of caffeine, and intaking A LOT of sugar.  I’ve cut out caffeine before and had horrible withdrawals, but it really wasn’t that bad this time.  By Wednesday of the first week I had lost all will to live, but by Thursday I felt pretty good.  And by Friday I had a crazy amount of energy and felt fantastic.  The workouts were insane hard, but I loved that endorphin feeling afterwards, and I really felt like I was working hard and making strides towards my goals.  I was ready for week 2!


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