MYLO Obstacle Fitness

Can I just tell you that training for something like American Ninja Warrior all at home is incredibly hard?  There’s only so many ring rows and push-ups I can do before I get so bored!  And I am constantly disappointing myself with my perceived lack of progress.  I have no one to motivate me, and no one to show off for.  I am my own worst cheerleader, and there’s always something I would rather be doing,  or someone calling for me, crying for me, or pulling on me.  Laundry needs to be done and dishes need to be washed.  Plus I have to prepare around 15 meals a day, give or take.  15!  That’s a lot of time suck.  When you add in Harvey, kindergarten and the holiday trip, my workouts had come to a screeching halt.  And I didn’t have much motivation to get started again.

It was time for a field trip.

But let me paint a little picture for you.  I keep 3-4 kids all day long, depending on if the oldest is at school or not.  The evenings are filled with fixing dinner, baths, bedtime routines.  Or shuffling kids between gymnastics, Awana, or hubby being out for his commitments.  It’s non-stop, and I’m so overstimulated and overwhelmed all the time, by the time it’s bedtime, I’m about half comatose.  Any parent out there reading this can relate, I know.

BUT!  Light at the end of the tunnel.  It appears that Wednesday nights will now be mine.  All mine.  To do whatever I want.  All 5 of the rest of my wonderfully lovely family members will be out of the house.  FOR. THREE. HOURS.  I hope you can appreciate the magnitude of this.  3 hours to myself.  And I have given myself permission to keep that 3 hours all for me.  No laundry, no packing tomorrows lunch, no chores.  Just time for me, for whatever I want to do.  And the list of possibilities is endless.  I could take a hot bath.  I could curl up on the couch and catch up on the DVR.  I could sit in a quiet room and rock myself while staring at the wall and enjoying the silence.  I could use 3 hours of time to catch up on my enjoyable list of projects that I can never finish because I can never go more than 5 minutes without someone interrupting, crying, screaming, or yelling, ‘MOM! I’M DONE!’ from the bathroom.

This past Wednesday was my first ‘me night’.  I was tired.  I wanted to sit and do nothing.  But I also knew I needed an exercise field trip and a swift kick in the pants to get motivated again.


My brain decided to go, although my heart wasn’t in it.  It was a 45 minute drive to MYLO Obstacle Fitness, so I took my on-its-last-leg Shuffle with me to listen on the way.  Since I can’t actually shuffle or skip ahead anymore, I was stuck listening to whatever I got.  And I got slow song after slow song after slow song for 45 minutes.  Y’all, by the time I got there I was ready for a good cry and a nap.  I had no energy and no motivation.

I’ll spare you the story of trying to find the place and then thinking I would get axe murdered on the way in.


Needless to say the place was not quite what I was expecting.  No frills for sure.  But I decided since I drove all the way, and the first class is free, I might as well try the ‘obstacle fitness’ class.

And I’m so glad I stayed!  Mylo was very complementary of what I could do, very encouraging, and it was something new and different.  Definitely the kick-start I needed to get back to it.  It was ‘leg day’ so we didn’t get on any of the actual obstacles, but we did do some team building log stuff that was pretty cool.  You can see the whole video on their Facebook page here, it’s only about a minute long so check it out.  But here’s a couple of screen shots I took of the video he posted.


I don’t know what the rest of my Wednesday’s will look.  Hopefully they still stay mine, although life has a funny way of getting in the way.  It would be great to have the discipline and motivation to use every Wednesday night for some athletic endeavor, but that realistically won’t be the case.  As our schedules get busier, I will probably want to stay closer to home.  And having the commute to and from the workout take longer than the actual workout…that’s rough.  I wish we had something closer, that I could visit weekly.  I know that would help with my motivation and progress.  But it is what it is.  Another life obstacle to overcome, right?

And I don’t know how this whole wannabe-ANW story is going to end, but I can say I have been out of my comfort zone more in these last few months than ever in my life, I think.  I’m a homebody.  I’m shy, and I have social anxiety.  I don’t like going in to new situations, and I certainly don’t like doing new things by myself.  But I have walked in to so many new situations, doing things I’m not totally sure I can finish, and been in more groups of strangers for this training stuff.  I’m pretty proud of that.  And I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of stepping out in the world by myself and trying new things.  And that lesson will last far longer than whether or not I get on American Ninja Warrior.  Although that would be pretty cool, too.


2 thoughts on “MYLO Obstacle Fitness

  1. We train to overcome obstacles but what you don’t realize is everything in life is one big obstacle course. Let the eyes adjust, take a few breaths and you will see whether it’s with kids, the household chores, work, or working out life becomes one big game. So you must embrace and enjoy! Keep it up!

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