Rugged Maniac


So I was out of town a week in early November, then I got back in time to start working on Thanksgiving.  After that, all 4 of my kids have birthdays between Nov 27 and Dec 10.  Then I turn around and it’s Christmas.  It’s a crazy busy season, but now I have a week to breathe before all the busy schedules start up again.  I figured I’d try to get all caught up on my blog before then.


The first weekend in November was the Rugged Maniac.  It was the first race I got to run with my husband!  And it was his first OCR of any kind, or mud run.  He’s a runner, but he prefers longer distances, and without the mud.  Or fire.  (Bor.ring)

It was neat to see Mylo Obstacle Fitness had a booth there.  They taught me how to scale a tall wall, I think it was 8 feet?  Maybe 7?  I had never tried before and it was fun.  It took A LOT of convincing to get Kevin to do it too, but he finally tried it, and totally rocked it, for the record.


The race was really fun.  I just can’t get enough of these.  I will say I don’t love the running parts.  This particular race had a lot of obstacles grouped together close, and then long stretches of running.  I was proud of how well I did the obstacles, I really breezed through them.  And then really sucked at the running.  I feel like if I got better at running, I could actually be competitive.  That’s one of my goals for the next year, to do a competitive wave.


I liked that there was a little different variety of obstacles than at Warrior Dash.  The rings were fun, although challenging when your hands are covered in mud.  I had to get a few handfuls of dirt on them beforehand to help with the slipperiness.  They had a couple inflatable obstacles that were different, and they had a warped wall.


I didn’t like that they seemed to have several of the same obstacles.  I think I crawled through 3 different mud pits underneath barbed wire, just with different names.  And I didn’t love the slide at the end.  That was the only obstacle that I had some fear factor with.  And I was disappointed with the scarcity of photogs.  We couldn’t find any in the staging/party area.  We wondered around for a long time after we finished the race to try to find one to take our muddy ‘after’ photo.  I finally had to ask Mylo to take our picture and text it to me.  At the Warrior Dash, they had photograph backdrops and lots of photogs wandering around to take pictures, not to mention everyone on the course itself.


But all in all it was a lot of fun, and I’d do it again.  And I plan to.


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