How has 2018 sucked? Let me count the ways…


So far I’m not a big fan of 2018.  Actually, anything after Christmas 2017 has pretty much sucked.

My daughter started back to school yesterday, and was literally sick the entirety of her Christmas break.  We had so many plans of things we were going to work on.  We did absolutely none of them.  She finished up her antibiotic the day before she went back and was finally feeling better.  We got her all patched up in time to go back to her classroom full of other kindergarten petri dishes.  CORRECTION:  We got all 4 of my kids patched up in time for her to go hang out with the other kids with plague and bring it back home again.

All 4 of my kids have been sick the entirety of Christmas break.  2 of them are solidly better.  1 is still iffy.  And I thought the other was better except he woke up this morning complaining of his ear hurting and wouldn’t get out of bed.  If the boy had a broken leg with the bone sticking out, he wouldn’t refuse to get out of bed, so this is significant.

I have been sick since December 9, but the pleasure of adding strep throat, courtesy of one of the kids, didn’t get thrown in until last weekend.  And then because I can’t do anything half-assed, I also went and got a (suspected) tonsillar abscess.  Cuz that’s how I roll.  So now I’m on my second antibiotic and second steroid hoping to ‘avoid having to go in and drain the tonsil’.  Yes please, let’s avoid that.

My husband and I had lots of goals this year, some of them financial.  That’s pretty much shot now, by the 5th day of the year, cuz having 6 sick people visit the doctor and minor med, prescriptions (I think we’re at 12 so far this year?), and just as many over the counter meds ARE NOT CHEAP!  The problem is that when I’m so super sick and feeling like death, I’ll pay whatever I need to feel better.  But that’s not when you pay.  The bills don’t come in until a couple months later once you’re feeling better, and then you’re like, ‘man, was I really that much money sick?’ and you start to question what feeling good is worth.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Let’s see, what else.  My mom is in the hospital back home and I’m really worried about her.  As of late last night it seems they may have figured out what’s wrong with her, but she has been really worrisome for a while.  And being so sick here, I couldn’t travel back to be with her.  So that sucked.  Hopefully now that they know what they think is wrong, they can start to fix her.  But then she still has to battle the ‘aggresive’ form of skin cancer that they continue to cut out of her (rapidly shrinking) body.

There was one day over break that I felt decent, so I plastered on a lot of makeup trying to not look like death, and made my ANW submission video.  This is bad news because about 6 hours after I submitted it, I thought of THE.BEST.IDEA. that I should have had in my video.  But of course it was too late.  And I have now convinced myself that I totally ruined it, but had I done this other thing in my video, I totally would have gotten picked, and I blew my shot in life, and I’m an idiot, and yada yada yada.  The delirium from being sick may have contributed to that, but I seriously obsessed over blowing it for days.  Dreamed about it, cried about it, the whole 9 obsessive yards.

My husband is going away to baseball fantasy camp this month.  If you’re a baseball fan you probably know what that is.  If you’re not a baseball fan, you probably don’t care.  My daughter and I were going to travel out there for part of the week to see him in his uniform playing, and attend a couple of the events.  But through a variety of sucky circumstances, we aren’t going to be able to do that.  My father in law also backed out of going, so now no one is going to be out there to see him suited up and cheer him on.  He’s pretty bummed about that, and I’m pretty disappointed too.  I firmly believe that these things happen for a reason, so I take some comfort in that.  Plus, all the money that was going to go to that trip will probably now have to go towards medical bills.  But it’s still another disappointment that 2018 has brought us.

Oh, and apparently Apple is deliberately slowing down my iPhone 6s.  Thanks for that, Apple!

My husband is waiting to hear about a new job he interviewed for.  2018 is telling me I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

I know these are all first world problems, and I shouldn’t be complaining, but still not a great way to start a new year.  I am thankful that we all have our ‘health’.  Right now it seems to be all viruses and bacteria that will eventually work it’s way out and be gone.  Nothing lifelong or debilitating.  I’m thankful that my husband and I both have jobs that will eventually be able to pay for all the medical bills, and so far, there’s nothing major to be paid for, like surgery or hospitals.  I’m thankful that my mom has a diagnosis finally, I hope it’s correct and all-inclusive, and her cancer takes a hike n’er to return.  I’m thankful my husband gets to go to camp at all.  So things aren’t all bad.  Take that, 2018!

My son literally just called me from the couch…

B: ‘mom, I have some good news and some bad news.’
Me: ‘what’s the bad news?’
B:  ‘I’ll tell you the good news first’
Me: ‘okay, what’s the good news?’
B: ‘i feel better’
Me: ‘that’s great! What’s the bad news?’
B: ‘i don’t know the bad news’

Cue about 3 seconds of thinking ‘maybe this year is looking up’… and then one of the baby’s starts screaming… ‘nevermind’


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