So I did it! And then I didn’t.

So…the last time I wrote was waaaaay back in January.  I had submitted my application video for ANW and was just waiting…

Then, on my husband’s birthday, February 12th, I found out I was very unexpectedly pregnant.  I was totally shocked and not at all excited.

Then the next week, on February 20th, Rod, one of the producer’s for ANW called me and told me I was selected to compete in Dallas.  That I had actually made the show.  I was totally shocked and super excited.


So then I had a dilemma.  I didn’t tell him right away that I was pregnant.  I spoke to him on the phone a couple times first.  I assumed that they wouldn’t let me compete if they knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t know for sure.  I did some math and tried to figure out how I would be feeling and if I would be showing by then.  But then as he started telling me about all the different people that would be calling me to set up all the different parts of the process, I knew I had to come clean.  I didn’t want anybody to put in a bunch of time and effort on me all for nothing.  So I told him I had just found out about being pregnant.  He congratulated me and told me that unfortunately that meant I couldn’t compete.  And just like that, the journey was over.

That was a hard one to swallow.  I know in the long run, in the whole scheme of life, it’s not that big of a deal.  I know that this new baby will be a blessed addition to our family, one that will always be with us, and being on the show would be a cool story that would soon get old.  But the timing just seemed so hard.  I trained so hard.  I worked so hard on my video.  If I had to get pregnant, it couldn’t have been just a couple months later??


Oh well, it is what it is.  Rod set up my family with VIP tickets for the filming so we could see what I was missing, lol.  We drove to Dallas for the night and got to watch a few hours before the kids (and us) pooped out.  Being in the audience was a cool experience, and very different than seeing the show on TV.  We saw Drew Dreshel, Joe Moravsky, Maggie Thorne, Brent Stefenson, Karsten Williams, Natalie Duran, and Daniel Gill.  Not all competing, some just wandering around.


I’ve had a really hard time watching the show so far this season.  I did watch all of the Dallas qualifiers because I wanted to see how what they aired compared to what we saw in person.


It was very different.

Then I watched part of LA qualifiers because I’m a huge Chris Pratt and Jurassic fan.  I’ll probably watch Minneapolis because Sarah will be on.  But apart from that, I just don’t think I’ll watch the rest.  It’s just too much ‘what if’, ‘that could have been me’ feelings for me to enjoy it.


But it was a crazy ride, and now my claim to fame will be what almost was.


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