The cities and dates for season 10’s filming of American Ninja Warrior were announced this morning, and the Ninjaverse (see what I did there?) is all a-twitter.

The cities this year are LA, Dallas, Miami, Indianapolis, Philly, and Minneapolis.  Dates range between 3/6 and 5/26.

If I were to be selected, the closest place to me is Dallas, and it’s filming the end of March.  That’s just 2 months away!  Just the thought of it makes me nauseous.  But in a good way.  If there is such a thing as good nausea.  I read once that they look at submissions in order of when that person’s region would be filming, so those closest to LA would get looked at first, and Minneapolis submissions would be last, and so on.  I’m not sure how true that is, but since Dallas is filming second, I’m guessing they’d be looking at my submission soon-ish.  The producers for American Ninja Warrior are going to be looking at a video of me, that I made, soon-ish.  That’s just crazy.

I intend to write a whole post on the surreal-ness of making an application video for ANW.  It’s a crazy process, and it was crazy hard for me.  But just for fun, I put together a blooper reel of some of the outtakes I got.  Enjoy.


10 Reasons Why I Want To Be An American Ninja Warrior: Season 10

I started this blog post many months ago, close to the beginning of my journey.  I’ve added to it here and there, and it’s interesting to look back and see how my motivation has evolved throughout the process.  The main driving points haven’t changed, but there are a few things that don’t matter so much anymore, and some new motivations have emerged that weren’t there at the beginning.  In no particular order, here’s the top 10 reasons why I want to be on American Ninja Warrior Season 10.

  1. I want to inspire other moms with young kiddos, especially multiples, to get out there and get started on their journeys.  Whatever journey that may be.  Often times when you have a baby, or multiple small kids, you kind of get in this overwhelming funk of the day to day.  Postpartum depression is real.  And mommy-hood can be brutal.  Moms are so mean, so competitive, and so condescending to each other.  Social media often seems to be the death of decency and kindness.  But having a challenge, a cool goal to work towards, can help clear away the fog and make everything better.  Whether someone wants to be on ANW, or learn photography, or go back to school, I want to inspire other mommy’s that it’s possible.  Even with a bunch of kids in tow.
  2. I’m a competitive person, and I love a challenge.  The ANW course looks like so much fun, super challenging, and I want a shot at it.
  3. What a cool thing to be able to say you did.  Someday when I’m old and senile, I can show my great-grandkids what I did once, and hopefully it’ll make them think I’m kind of cool.  Or at least that I was kind of cool once.
  4. I love my kids.  I do.  I love being a mom.  But I’m at the point in my life where I want to do something for me.  I want to be something more than just the person that changes diapers, makes meals, and referres fighting siblings.  Perhaps I’m having a mid-life crisis.
  5. I want to make a goal, work hard for it, and accomplish it.  To be able to say, ‘yeah, I did that’.
  6. I need an outside interest.  Something to be proud of.  And I want my family to be proud of me.
  7. I want to show my kids that they can do anything they set their mind to.  Make a goal, work really hard, and accomplish it.  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old, too young, too short, too tall, not quick enough, not smart enough, not _________ enough.  Believe in yourself and work hard.  You can move mountains.
  8. I want to overcome fears.  The fear of new things and new people.  The fear of failure.  The fear of putting myself out there.  I’ve already made huge strides toward this goal just in the process of training for ninja warrior.
  9. I want to see what my body is capable of.  I’ve already seen the miracles it can do just giving life to, and carrying, twins.  I want to see what it’s capable on the other side of the spectrum.
  10. I want to meet some really cool people.  And let’s be real.  All those ninjas on TV?  They seem pretty dadgum cool.

How has 2018 sucked? Let me count the ways…


So far I’m not a big fan of 2018.  Actually, anything after Christmas 2017 has pretty much sucked.

My daughter started back to school yesterday, and was literally sick the entirety of her Christmas break.  We had so many plans of things we were going to work on.  We did absolutely none of them.  She finished up her antibiotic the day before she went back and was finally feeling better.  We got her all patched up in time to go back to her classroom full of other kindergarten petri dishes.  CORRECTION:  We got all 4 of my kids patched up in time for her to go hang out with the other kids with plague and bring it back home again.

All 4 of my kids have been sick the entirety of Christmas break.  2 of them are solidly better.  1 is still iffy.  And I thought the other was better except he woke up this morning complaining of his ear hurting and wouldn’t get out of bed.  If the boy had a broken leg with the bone sticking out, he wouldn’t refuse to get out of bed, so this is significant.

I have been sick since December 9, but the pleasure of adding strep throat, courtesy of one of the kids, didn’t get thrown in until last weekend.  And then because I can’t do anything half-assed, I also went and got a (suspected) tonsillar abscess.  Cuz that’s how I roll.  So now I’m on my second antibiotic and second steroid hoping to ‘avoid having to go in and drain the tonsil’.  Yes please, let’s avoid that.

My husband and I had lots of goals this year, some of them financial.  That’s pretty much shot now, by the 5th day of the year, cuz having 6 sick people visit the doctor and minor med, prescriptions (I think we’re at 12 so far this year?), and just as many over the counter meds ARE NOT CHEAP!  The problem is that when I’m so super sick and feeling like death, I’ll pay whatever I need to feel better.  But that’s not when you pay.  The bills don’t come in until a couple months later once you’re feeling better, and then you’re like, ‘man, was I really that much money sick?’ and you start to question what feeling good is worth.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Let’s see, what else.  My mom is in the hospital back home and I’m really worried about her.  As of late last night it seems they may have figured out what’s wrong with her, but she has been really worrisome for a while.  And being so sick here, I couldn’t travel back to be with her.  So that sucked.  Hopefully now that they know what they think is wrong, they can start to fix her.  But then she still has to battle the ‘aggresive’ form of skin cancer that they continue to cut out of her (rapidly shrinking) body.

There was one day over break that I felt decent, so I plastered on a lot of makeup trying to not look like death, and made my ANW submission video.  This is bad news because about 6 hours after I submitted it, I thought of THE.BEST.IDEA. that I should have had in my video.  But of course it was too late.  And I have now convinced myself that I totally ruined it, but had I done this other thing in my video, I totally would have gotten picked, and I blew my shot in life, and I’m an idiot, and yada yada yada.  The delirium from being sick may have contributed to that, but I seriously obsessed over blowing it for days.  Dreamed about it, cried about it, the whole 9 obsessive yards.

My husband is going away to baseball fantasy camp this month.  If you’re a baseball fan you probably know what that is.  If you’re not a baseball fan, you probably don’t care.  My daughter and I were going to travel out there for part of the week to see him in his uniform playing, and attend a couple of the events.  But through a variety of sucky circumstances, we aren’t going to be able to do that.  My father in law also backed out of going, so now no one is going to be out there to see him suited up and cheer him on.  He’s pretty bummed about that, and I’m pretty disappointed too.  I firmly believe that these things happen for a reason, so I take some comfort in that.  Plus, all the money that was going to go to that trip will probably now have to go towards medical bills.  But it’s still another disappointment that 2018 has brought us.

Oh, and apparently Apple is deliberately slowing down my iPhone 6s.  Thanks for that, Apple!

My husband is waiting to hear about a new job he interviewed for.  2018 is telling me I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

I know these are all first world problems, and I shouldn’t be complaining, but still not a great way to start a new year.  I am thankful that we all have our ‘health’.  Right now it seems to be all viruses and bacteria that will eventually work it’s way out and be gone.  Nothing lifelong or debilitating.  I’m thankful that my husband and I both have jobs that will eventually be able to pay for all the medical bills, and so far, there’s nothing major to be paid for, like surgery or hospitals.  I’m thankful that my mom has a diagnosis finally, I hope it’s correct and all-inclusive, and her cancer takes a hike n’er to return.  I’m thankful my husband gets to go to camp at all.  So things aren’t all bad.  Take that, 2018!

My son literally just called me from the couch…

B: ‘mom, I have some good news and some bad news.’
Me: ‘what’s the bad news?’
B:  ‘I’ll tell you the good news first’
Me: ‘okay, what’s the good news?’
B: ‘i feel better’
Me: ‘that’s great! What’s the bad news?’
B: ‘i don’t know the bad news’

Cue about 3 seconds of thinking ‘maybe this year is looking up’… and then one of the baby’s starts screaming… ‘nevermind’

Obstacle Academy

So during a week in early November, I was in Minnesota, mostly freezing my ka-zizzie off, and training for American Ninja Warrior at Obstacle Academy, owned by the Ninja of the North, Sarah Schoback.  And I just have to say I was also able to witness, in person, the other-worldly talents of Kyle Soderman and Hunter Guerard.  That was worth the trip, right there.


On the first day we just kind of played around, to see what I was able to do.  It was my first time trying devil steps (and actually most everything I did), and I was excited to see I could actually do it!


I don’t have too many pictures from the first day, but it was very exciting and encouraging.  I was super nervous to meet Sarah in person, I didn’t want to disappoint her since she had spent so much time mentoring me long distance.  But she was a great cheerleader and encourager, and I soon felt comfortable(ish).

The next day I took a class with Leif Sundberg, and he was just an awesome teacher.  So kind, so encouraging, it was really great.  And my hands got tore.up.

But I had to push on, so I just wrapped it up and kept going.  It was significantly harder and more painful after this, I must say.


As the days went on my hands got more and more tore up until I just couldn’t do anymore.  The last session I had on the last night I pretty much just had to sit out.  It was very disappointing.  I was very disappointed in myself, disappointed I couldn’t finish strong, disappointed I couldn’t do more.  But overall, the trip was a great success, and I’ll have great memories of it.  And I’m proud of myself for taking the leap and going.  And I thank Sarah for her hospitality.

I did have some down time between training, and got to check out the Mall of America.  I had to pick up souvenirs for the family, so I walked the whole thing twice I think.  That thing is big.


Also, since I was staying in a hotel with a mini fridge and microwave, and not familiar with the area, I stopped at walmart and got a few things for some meals.  Since I was working so hard, I wasn’t worried about my intake, so I splurged on Stouffer’s mac and cheese, which is pretty much the best frozen dinner ever made, some fruit and a tiny pumpkin pie.


I know most people can’t fully appreciate this picture, but it’s pretty much my bliss.  At home, I never get to sit down to a quiet meal by myself.  I usually scrounge leftovers after making a meal for 4 kids.  Or if I do make myself an actual meal, I have 2 babies climbing around my legs, usually spitting up on my lap while I’m eating, and 2 other kids begging for whatever it is on my plate.  It’s always loud.  Everything is always a disaster mess.  So to be able to sit in a quiet hotel room, with a heating pad in my lap to keep warm, eat my favorite TV dinner in peace, while reading a book.  It was just about the closest thing to zen I can think of.  It was definitely jarring to be in this peaceful setting for a few days, and then come back to the chaos.  It took a little getting used to.


The coldness also took a little getting used to.  Much different than my little South Texas town.  But I actually really enjoyed the weather, too.  It makes it easier to get into the holiday spirit when it’s cold.  And I did go to high school in Chicago, so it was familiar.  IMG_2253


So back in the summer I was trying to decide what route my fitness journey was going to look like, what path it was going to take.  I had tried running and found it incredibly boring.  I did a triathlon, and while I had a fun experience with it that day because I did it with friends and I love competition, it’s not something that I enjoyed enough to want to continually train for.  And then I did the Warrior Dash and fell in love with the mud/OCR concept.  I know a lot of hard core OCR people will say the Warrior Dash is not true OCR, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Then Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior came on and I started watching it like I do most other summers.  I never considered that it was something I could actually do, but I saw it through new eyes, since I had been recently introduced to the world of OCR.  I thought if you wanted to be a contestant on the show, you had to be in your early 20’s, preferably male.  If you were female you definitely couldn’t have kids.  (Unless your name is Maggi Thorne, and then you’re just not really human anyway, so it doesn’t count).  You needed to be a former or current gymnast or rock climber.  Being a professional stunt person helped, too.

Then on July 3, I believe, the Kansas City qualifiers aired, and I saw Sarah Schoback compete.  She had been a stay at home mom before getting into OCR.  She started training, opened her own ninja gym, and made it on the show!  She wasn’t a gymnast or a rock climber.  She wasn’t in her 20’s.  She had 2 kids.  Her story totally resonated with me, and I decided right then and there that I would start training to be on the show, too.  If she could do it, I could do it.  Why I thought that, I’m not sure, but I did.

For those of you that have followed my blog, this story is not new.

On July 8th, I contacted her on social media and told her how inspired I was by her and how I wanted to start training too.  She was so gracious to message me back, and that started a long distance mentoring, training, friendship, etc.  She gave me a list of exercises to do.  I bought a pull-up bar for the house.  I started getting my nutrition in check.  And I got after it.

Progress was painfully slow.  I realized how weak and out of shape I was, and I realized how slowly progress was coming.  Sarah was also a great cheerleader.  So after training for a few months, I did one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and I flew to Minnesota all by myself, to train with her in person for a few days.  It was scary because I didn’t want to disappoint her.  It was scary to really test how far I’d come.  And it was scary because I hate to fly and get terrible anxiety and panic attacks on a plane.

The trip was humbling and encouraging and painful and disappointing and exhilarating all at once.

This was the temperature when I left Texas, and when I arrived in Minnesota…


Funny story about this next picture.  I was so cold on the plane, I couldn’t hardly stand it.  I don’t drink coffee, but they had hot tea so I got that.  I ate all my snacks, and then got the brilliant idea to put my used up tea bag into my snack bag to make a ‘hot hands’ type thing to keep me warm.  And it worked fantastic.  But I didn’t really think about that fact that as I was squeezing this hot bag between my fingers, all the hot water was seeping out of the tea bag into the snack bag, and then when I turned my hand over, all the hot tea water spilled all over my lap.  Which burned for a second then turned very cold.  So I arrived to MN with the front of my pants all tea-stained.  Not a great start.


By the way, those Delta cookies are LEGIT!


I don’t travel a lot, especially by myself, so while I was figuring out how to get out of the airport, and find the shuttle service to the hotel, I kind of pictured myself on the Amazing Race.  I mean, if I could navigate the MN airport, I could totally get myself all around the world, right??


And I’ve never taken a bathroom selfie in an airport, so why not.  This is the best I could do for 20 degree weather.


I’ll tell you more about my training next time…


Rugged Maniac


So I was out of town a week in early November, then I got back in time to start working on Thanksgiving.  After that, all 4 of my kids have birthdays between Nov 27 and Dec 10.  Then I turn around and it’s Christmas.  It’s a crazy busy season, but now I have a week to breathe before all the busy schedules start up again.  I figured I’d try to get all caught up on my blog before then.


The first weekend in November was the Rugged Maniac.  It was the first race I got to run with my husband!  And it was his first OCR of any kind, or mud run.  He’s a runner, but he prefers longer distances, and without the mud.  Or fire.  (Bor.ring)

It was neat to see Mylo Obstacle Fitness had a booth there.  They taught me how to scale a tall wall, I think it was 8 feet?  Maybe 7?  I had never tried before and it was fun.  It took A LOT of convincing to get Kevin to do it too, but he finally tried it, and totally rocked it, for the record.


The race was really fun.  I just can’t get enough of these.  I will say I don’t love the running parts.  This particular race had a lot of obstacles grouped together close, and then long stretches of running.  I was proud of how well I did the obstacles, I really breezed through them.  And then really sucked at the running.  I feel like if I got better at running, I could actually be competitive.  That’s one of my goals for the next year, to do a competitive wave.


I liked that there was a little different variety of obstacles than at Warrior Dash.  The rings were fun, although challenging when your hands are covered in mud.  I had to get a few handfuls of dirt on them beforehand to help with the slipperiness.  They had a couple inflatable obstacles that were different, and they had a warped wall.


I didn’t like that they seemed to have several of the same obstacles.  I think I crawled through 3 different mud pits underneath barbed wire, just with different names.  And I didn’t love the slide at the end.  That was the only obstacle that I had some fear factor with.  And I was disappointed with the scarcity of photogs.  We couldn’t find any in the staging/party area.  We wondered around for a long time after we finished the race to try to find one to take our muddy ‘after’ photo.  I finally had to ask Mylo to take our picture and text it to me.  At the Warrior Dash, they had photograph backdrops and lots of photogs wandering around to take pictures, not to mention everyone on the course itself.


But all in all it was a lot of fun, and I’d do it again.  And I plan to.

And Then There Was That Time I Decided To Be an Aerialist

So I somehow came across BAM Academy a while back.  I think it came up in my search for Ninja gyms.  While they don’t do any ninja warrior training that I know of, they do have a huge parkour space, which is where the association probably came from.  In looking up their classes, I found a lot of really neat stuff.  Besides lots of parkour classes, they have tricking classes (I honestly don’t really know what that is), stunt work classes (are you an actor that needs to learn to fake take a punch and fall?), light saber classes (yes, it’s just what you think it is), and aerial classes.


I’ve seen enough America’s Got Talent to have a small understanding of what aerial is, and it always looks like so much fun, so I knew I had to try it.  Life got in the way of me getting up there until Wednesday night.  It was a fairly significant drive, about an hour and 20, but man, did it turn out to be worth it.  I’m hooked!

So when I got there, Reuben got me all signed in.  I had to sign a waiver saying if I broke my neck I wouldn’t sue them (I’ve signed a lot of waivers these past few months, should that make me re-evaluate my activities??).  ‘Aerial’ wasn’t one of the options on the waivers, but he said to circle ‘circus arts’.  Being the dork that I am, I said, “Oh, I always wanted to join the circus!’  His obligatory chuckle immediately told me I was not the first one to make that joke.

I was there a few minutes early, so he showed me inside the gym, and where to wait for class.  It’s a pretty neat place.  They had every shape you could think of, made out of plywood, set up in multiple parkour courses.  For the aerial class, they had 2 silks and what I was calling a hoop.  I have now learned it’s a lyra.

IMG_1364There was a junior high-ish girls’ class finishing up, so I sat and watched.  The teacher, Gigi, came over to say hi and I introduced myself.  She asked if I had taken an aerial class before.  ‘Nope’, I said, ‘first time’.  She asked if I had any experience with any similar disciplines, like dance.  ‘No’, I answered, almost apologetically.  She then asked me if I had done any rock climbling, since that was actually applicable.  ‘I took a rock climbing class once!’.  It didn’t seem to impress her.  Had I thought about it, I would have offered that I had also taken a couple gymnastics classes, but I didn’t think about it at the time.  I couldn’t get a feel for her right away, and I didn’t want her to dread having a total newbie in class.  She didn’t ask if I had happened to have been training for American Ninja Warrior for the past few months, so I didn’t offer that information either.  At the time, I didn’t know that it would be that applicable.  Turns out, it totally was.IMG_1381So there were 3 of us in class.  One of the other girls was probably mid 20’s?  It seemed she had been taking classes a while because she seemed to know Gigi on a personal basis, they chatted a lot using aerial lingo, and she was working on more advanced skills.  And the other lady was actually older than me!  I think this was the first time I have walked into one of these brand new experiences the last few months and not been the oldest.  I was so excited to see gray hair!  She was probably late 40’s or early 50’s?

IMG_1365Anyway, to make a long story not quite so long, Gigi started me out with the basics, and seemed genuinely impressed with how well I was doing.  She told me she couldn’t believe it was my first class, and that I was a natural (she probably tells all the newbies that).  And I overheard her and one of the students comment on how I was able to just hang there on the silks while trying to get my feet situated.  She taught me 2 different climbs (classic and Russian, I think?), a couple of footlocks, I did an inverted tuck hang into a handstand, the superhero pose which is butchered in the picture below, wrist locks, and some other things I’m probably forgetting.  Every time I did a move and she said ‘when you’re more advanced, you can do…’, I immediately had to try it.  I wanted to do that thing where you’re all bound up at the ceiling and then you unwrap yourself and plummet to the ground, stopping only inches from death, but apparently they don’t teach that on night one.  Go figure.

I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was able to do, too.  It was all grip strength and upper arm strength.  All the stuff I’ve been working on at home.  Hanging on those silks was just like the towel dead hangs I’ve been practicing.  Had I gone to this class 3 or 4 months ago, I would not have been able to do any of it.  I would probably have had a totally different experience and left feeling very defeated.  So I do think I was probably more capable than the average first-timer, which is a pretty foreign feeling for me.  But I didn’t ever tell her I had been training upper body at home.  I just let her think I was a born aerialist off the street for the first time.

After class was over, I said, “I have a silly question.  Can I do one of the things you taught me in class and will you take my picture?  My kids will think it’s pretty cool.” (Spoiler alert: my kids were totally unimpressed).  She laughed and said that wasn’t actually a silly question, everyone asks.  So we did.

IMG_1370Anyone who reads this that is an actual aerialist is probably shuddering at my form.  But I thought it was pretty cool.  And just a little bit painful.  And it turns out, aerial is more of a ‘thing’ than I thought it was, and she told me about several other places I could go that might actually be a little closer to me.  And a couple of them have a huge variety of circus arts classes to take, including the silks, lyra, trapeze, rope, handstands, hand balancing, flexibility and contortion.  Um yes please, take my money.  Sign me up for all of it!

And then I drove an hour home, with visions of being in Cirque du Soleil someday.IMG_1375



Fun fact:  When you’ve birthed 4 babies, things don’t work the same way they used to.  I thought I had escaped the bladder weakness since I stay dry when I laugh and sneeze.  But there’s one thing I couldn’t have anticipated.  One thing the kegels weren’t strong enough to overcome.

The trampoline.

When I think back to my first private gymnastics lesson, I will remember 2 things.  I will remember walking in to the gym at my lesson time, seeing all the little kids having class, and realizing for the first time that I would be having my lesson in front of all the parents that were there watching their kids.  I would be a middle aged person with stage fright, trying to learn to do a cartwheel in front of a bunch of people.

And I will remember being mortified as I discovered that every time I bounced on the trampoline I peed myself, and not being able to do anything about it.  And that my younger, male teacher had me on the trampoline for what seemed like an eternity.  In front of a bunch of people.

#reallife #momedition #thankfulforalongshirtanddarkpants #canwebedoneyet? #canyouhashtagonablog?

It’s a Weird Thing

When my 69 year old mom was here recently, I was either just about to start taking gymnastics lessons, or had maybe taken one already.  We were sitting on the couch talking about it and she said, ‘I can do a cartwheel’.  So we went out in the backyard and did a couple of (really ugly but successful) cartwheels.  I was so impressed that she was willing and able to do that.

The next day her foot was hurting pretty good and she ended up not being able to walk very well for a couple weeks.  Presumably from doing the cartwheel.  She said something to me that has stayed with me.  She said (paraphrased), “It’s a weird thing to get older.  I can still do all that stuff in my head.  It’s just my body that won’t cooperate.”  My mom was a tomboy and athletic when she was younger, so it was nothing for her to be running, jumping, climbing, and playing ball.

One of the many traits my mom has passed on to me is the overconfidence that we can do anything.  If we see somebody making something neat, we immediately think, ‘I can make that.’  It doesn’t matter how skilled it may be, we just know we could do it too.  Or when we see people doing neat things, like the American Ninja Warrior course (or cartwheels), we just know we could do that, too.  It just never really crosses our mind that not everyone can do everything.

As I’ve been on this training journey, I’ve had many times where I’ve experienced those ‘I can do it in my head, my body just won’t cooperate’ moments.  And it’s made me realize that I am actually getting older.  I may not feel older in my head, and I may roll my eyes when sports announcers talk about an athlete’s age being a factor, but I’m starting to understand the reality.  Things get pulled a little easier, I stay sore a little longer, my flexibility has definitely deteriorated.  I do think that these things can be improved on, but I have to work a little harder, a little longer, to get the results.  It’s a weird thing getting older.  And it’s a weird thing working towards a physical goal for the first time in my life, while getting older.

I remember during this past ANW season, I think it may have been during the Vegas finals, that Akbar was commentating Travis Rosen’s run.  He got to the warped wall, and Akbar said something to the effect of, ‘He’s got to get those 40 year old legs up the wall.’  I’m sure I rolled my eyes.  But there’s something to that.  Getting 40 year old legs up the wall isn’t the same as 20 year old legs.  (Although I’m sure Travis could smear most 20 year old’s with his ability).  But it does make you stop and think.  It’s a weird thing getting older.

Checking In

I figured it was time for a check-in, although I don’t have much to say.  It seems the plague has visited our house, and some combination of the 6 of us have been sick for a solid month.  Just as I thought we were getting to the end of it, it finally got the best of me and now I’m stuck in bed.  This really sucks.

I’ve still been plugging along on my exercise, working on getting stronger.  I’ve been eating well too, except since being sick.  I have zero willpower when I’m sick and got some ice cream to wash down all my medicine.

I had planned to go to Power Park Fitness today, even wrote it on the calendar, until the germs knocked me on my tookus.  This past Wednesday I planned on going to an aerial acrobatics class at BAM Academy but ended up picking up an extra shift at work.  So it seems that life is getting in the way of all my plans right now.  I’m hoping to go out to BAM next Wednesday, and hopefully Power Park soon.  David Yarter runs that place, whom I met at Alpha Warrior a few weeks ago.  And they’re about to open a second location which is much closer to me than the original, so I’m pretty excited about that.

I have had 2 private gymnastics lessons which have been tons of fun.  I’ll write about those soon.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures since I didn’t have anyone there with me.  And I’ve been back out to the rock climbing facility once for practice.

I have an exciting/terrifying Ninja-related trip coming up soon, so I’ll give the details on that at some point, too.

NNL and UNAA have come across my radar.  NNL seems to be mostly in the northeast, nothing close to me.  UNAA has a couple close events in the spring that I’m thinking about possibly signing up for.  Anyone know anything about that?  What it’s like?  What to expect?

OCR World Championships are going on this weekend in Canada.  I would love to compete in those someday.  Maybe 2019 will be my goal.  I don’t know, I’ll be a couple years older by then…will they take people that old??