Picky Eater’s Guide to Paleo

One thing that’s really frustrating to me as a ‘non-expert’, is that it doesn’t seem like any of the actual experts can agree on what is healthy.  There are so many trendy ‘diets’, and how are we to know which is healthy?  Paleo people say we should eat like the cavemen.  (I’m pretty sure cavemen didn’t have a very long lifespan, although who’s to say whether it was heart disease or wooly mammoth maulings that killed them off early).  Then other people say nope, that’s not healthy to eliminate a macro-nutrient altogether.  Other people say meat is unhealthy, eggs are unhealthy, eat this, eat that, eat nothing, eat everything!  It’s so confusing.

So while I’ve titled this page the ‘picky eater’s guide to paleo’, I’m not necessarily advocating paleo as the best or healthiest diet.  Because who the heck knows, really.  Certainly not me.  But, I’ve had recent paleo experience, and my ‘prior to paleo’ diet was the SAD (standard American diet) of sodas and junk.  And although I’m not sure about the status of red meat, I do know that hot pockets and Coke are not my best choice.

I don’t keep to a strict paleo diet.  I do have some grains and dairy.  I don’t know if that ruins my ketosis, or what that even is, really.  But I do keep a mostly paleo diet because I feel healthier eating so many veggies, and I like meat.  I’m a carnivore.

I know there are a thousand and one paleo blogs out there, and I think I’ve been to most of them.  But most of the sites I visited seemed to assume I had a pretty mature palate, and an unlimited budget to buy all sorts of specialty ingredients.  I don’t.  To either.  I have the palate of a preschooler, and the budget to match.  I could list the veggies I like on one hand, and about the same amount of expendable dollars.

However, in doing ‘The Challenge” (you can read about it on the blog), I had to do paleo for 6 weeks.  I gave it my best effort, and actually ended up finding quite a few recipes and meals that I liked!!  And I feel so much healthier for it.

So, I thought maybe there were more people like me out there.  Folks who are self-proclaimed ‘picky eaters’, don’t want to spend a bunch of money on car insurance weird ingredients, but would like to eat a little healthier.  I will say, I did have to end up buying a few things I don’t normally use, like coconut aminos and almond flour.  But by and large, I won’t list anything that has a bunch of stuff you can’t use often.

I plan on listing some recipes here that I’ve found are yummy, and maybe even some weekly meal plans, at some point.  DISCLAIMER: none of these recipes are mine.  I’m not a creator in the kitchen, just an instruction follower.  These will just be recipes I’ve found here and here, and will give credit where I can.

Stay tuned!






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